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Lightheartedness Sense of humor. The opposite of seriousness. Perceiving humor in the universe. Assertiveness Asking for what you need. Asserting your rights. Faithfulness Being faithful. Having faith in God, yourself, and others. Kindness Treating others the way you wish to be treated. Respect A balance of love and fear realizing your vulnerability and the possibility that someone may be able to correct you. Caring Taking responsibility for the needs of another. Flexibility Able to change when needed. Love Empathy. The ability to identify with another as oneself. Responsibility The ability to respond and the willingness to accept the power needed to take action. Cleanliness Hygiene. Taking care of oneself to prevent infection, disease or disability from filth. Forgiveness Releasing judgment. Reverence Deference to a higher authority. Compassion An empathetic caring for another that accepts responsibility for their plight. Friendliness Embracing the common threads which run through our lives and celebrating them in communion with others. Mercy Reduced judgment, an act of compassion. Self-discipline Enforcing values, principles and decisions on oneself with resolve. Confidence An expression of faith in oneself and one's abilities. Generosity Sharing without concern for oneself or in spite of one's own needs. Moderation Restraint from excess. Service Giving to country, community or family. Consideration Thoughtfulness. Gentleness Compassionate action in moderation. Modesty Un-showy and lacking in boastful pride. Self-restraint in spite of one's accomplishments. Steadfastness Sticking to the task until it is done. Perserverance. Courage Taking appropriate action in spite fear or danger. Helpfulness Giving aid or comfort to someone in need. Obedience Acceptance of authority. Tact Diplomacy. Ability to massage ego with reason and compassion. Courtesy Politeness. Good manners. Honesty Telling the truth. Orderliness Organization. Respecting the needs of others. Thankfulness Gratefulness. Being thankful. Counting your blessings. Creativity Imagination. Exploring the unknown with the mind. Honor Upholding the best in someone or something; making it better. Keeping commitments. Patience Willingness to wait for the right time. Tolerance Willingness to endure an unpleasant situation without complaint. Detachment Ability to be aloof to results. The opposite of goal-oriented. Humility Realizing the illusion of ego and resigning to one's place in the universe. Peacefulness Being at peace. Sharing peace. Being still and calm. Trust Accepting responsibility for the goodness of another. Determination Persistance. Resolve. Perseverance despite opposition or difficulty. Idealism Holding in one's mind the best possible future. Prayerfulness Hopefulness in mind. Maintaining humility in the face of triumph. Trustworthiness Respecting the truth others give you. Enthusiasm Celebrating the wonder of life. Joyfulness Allowing oneself to appreciate the fulfilment of desire in the bubbling turmoil of life. Purposefulness Having and holding a consistent purpose. Truthfulness Telling the truth. Honesty. Trusting oneself to be in harmony with the universe. Excellence Doing one's best. Quality. Seeking perfection in thought and deed. Justice The attempt to manifest righteousness in human affairs. Reliability Can be counted on. Dependable. Punctual. Unity Harmony. Realizing the oneness of all existence. Om.

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